You will be amazed at how beneficial Embroidered Clothing can be for businesses. As a promotional product, Embroidered Clothing makes one of the best forms of advertising as it is low cost to buy yet can really get your message across. As well as looking smart ¬† Promotional clothing is an effective way to advertise and promote your company. It gets you recognised. With your name and logo embroidered or printed onto your clothes, you turn into a walking advert for your company. Every person Continue reading →

The importance of personalised uniform

You can only make a first impression once and what your employees are wearing can have a huge impact on the customers’s perception of your company! Distinguishing yourself from the competition is a huge part of getting recognised. ¬†Everyone is aware of the importance of having a good looking website and some jazzy business cards, however many companies can be missing out daily by not promoting their business. As simple as getting your staff to wear personalised uniform with your company logo and contact details Continue reading →